Monday, August 28, 2017



Welcome. Contact me: admin --AatT-- amidb DoooT com
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  • Distributed Cassandra and Elastic Search - I try to keep the versioning as recent as possible. 
  • Complete suite! 
    • user management, 
    • rbac, 
    • oauth, 
    • security, 
    • multi-tenancy, 
    • expiry and notifications handling, 
    • data modelling, 
    • Store binary files and text data
    • startup/shutdown/status scripts for the server, 
    • webapp containers or you can develop your application entirely over JavaScript if you desire so.
    • Documentation for architecture, 
    • Pass through query mechanism. No custom query languages etc. over elastic and cassandra.
    • Auto scaling and sharding as per model definitions.
    • 100% REST based APIs.
    • Management consoles.
    • Nginx setup included
  • There is an one time cost to setup an integrated cluster of 3  ($$$$$). This includes configuration, database, and license to use the software. You provide your own ec2 or other linux hosts. I can provide examples of real websites who have claimed success. Complete refund if you are not satisfied. The product comes with documentation for architecture, APIs and a management console.