Monday, August 28, 2017


>Welcome to AmiDb (updated Mar 19 2018) 
  • Save many many man years of development. 
  • Don't pay an arm and leg for cloud databases, cloud storage and cloud elastic search
> Contact me over email: admin -a-t- amidb dot com, for a trial setup and other questions on pricing and architecture.

> Trial Period: Max 1 year (you must still pay for linux clusters during your trial period)  
Spend two days and try amidb for free. You will not go back!

> Production: One Time Cost, unlimited cluster size, no hidden charges - $500

   Buy Now

> Demo: Explore a real website built on Amidb.

> Features: I will keep this short with the important ones below.

  • Distributed Cassandra and Elastic Search inside.
    • I try to keep the versioning as recent as possible. 
    • Pass through query mechanism. (No custom query languages etc. over elastic and cassandra.)
  • Complete suite! 
    • Built and tested with great care and love.
    • User management.
      • RBAC.
      • Oauth.
      • Security.
    • Multi-tenancy.
      • AmiDb is built with multi tenancy in mind and puts you in a mindset to think about data separation at every step.
    • Expiry and notifications handling.
      • Building expiry and notifications on a distributed system is not easy. 
      • Accounts for both cassandra and elastic search data.
    • Data modelling.
      • Create data models using JSON, so you can think and relate to what you store easily. Supports many types, including lists and maps.
    • Store binary files and text data
      • You can store images (we have support for image resizing using ImageMagick), files and json data. You will not need S3. Many files are associated with your row, and treated like attachments. So deleting a row auto purges associated files.
    • Startup/shutdown/status scripts for the server.
      • What is a server without startup/shutdown and status scripts?
    • Rapid development
      • Develop your application entirely over JavaScript if you desire so.
      • Webapp containers that works out of the box.
    • Auto scaling and sharding as per model definitions.
      • We are built for one box and 1000 linux hosts at the same time.
      • You can redistribute data for elastic search.
    • Documentation and Support
      • Architecture.
      • APIs (comes with API console).
      • Email and reasonable telephone support included.
      • Admin UI interfaces.
    • APIs
      • 100% REST and JSON APIs.
    • Load Balancer and Proxy
      • Nginx setup included.
    • Build and Deployment
      • One click - Ansible scripts for multi host cluster deployments.
      • Comes with build framework so you can add your custom webapp that uses AmiDb.
    • Low cost
      • Cost includes configuration help, database, and license to use the software. You provide your own ec2 or other Linux hosts. Complete refund if you are not satisfied. 
Thank you for visiting!

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